Chemical Resistance

Regarding Guarantees

Kelley Technical Coatings supplies complete special bulletins on each product, as well as detailed information on each product label. We manufacture our products with the highest quality materials; however, we do not offer a general product warranty because of factors we cannot control (i.e. weather, workmanship, etc.)

Convoy II is recommended for areas where exposure to these substances is mild.

E - Excellent resistance to splash & spillage
G - Good resistance to splash & spillage
S - Softens but recovers
SS - Softens if allowed to stand
F - Complete failure

For Super Convoy and Super "X" Convoy
Acetone SS Hydrogen Peroxide E
Ammonia G Jet Fuel E
Animal Fats E Linseed Oil E
Aromatic Fuel E Lube Oil E
Aviation Gas E Nitric Acid SS
Beer E Phenol E
Bleach E Phosphoric Acid E
Chlorinated Solvents SS Salt Water E
Chromic Acid E Skydrol SS
Corn Oil E Sodium Hydroxide E
Denatured Alcohol E Steam E
Detergents E Sulfuric Acid G
Ethylene Glycol E Tannic Acid G
Fruit Juice E Toluene E
Formaldehyde E Trisodium Phosphate Solvents E
Gasoline E Fresh Water E
Glycerine E Wine E
Hydrochloric Acid E Xylol E