How to Apply

How to Apply

Once you have followed the correct surface preparation procedures for your swimming pool, you will be ready to apply your new surface. Remember that the surface preparation is of primary importance. If these instructions are followed you should not encounter any new surface problems.


Application of Convoy

Convoy non-slip coatings can be applied by brush or roller. The easiest method of application is to use a 9" roller equipped with a 1/4" cover or our textured “frieze” type roller cover. Pour Convoy on the surface and “roll it out”. Be sure to adequately cover the surface to be coated. Spraying Convoy is not recommended, although a person experienced with this type product and the necessary equipment could successfully spray apply Convoy.

Application on Concrete

Convoy II, Super Convoy and Super “X” Convoy may be applied to concrete without any primer. However, on unusually porous concrete, two coats of Convoy II may be required.

Application on Wood

One coat of #310 Wood Primer should be applied to bare wood before applying Convoy II. Super “X” Convoy and Super Convoy require no primer.

Application on Metal Other Than Aluminum

After cleaning of metal, the surface should receive one coat of #309 Convoy Metal Primer. When applying Super Convoy and Super “X” Convoy, one coat of #219 Epoxy Metal Primer is recommended.

Application on Aluminum

After cleaning, the surface should receive one coat of primer. Use #309 Metal Primer prior to application of Convoy II. When using Super “X” Convoy or Super Convoy, apply one coat of #215 Bonderite Metal Primer.

Application on Previously Painted Surfaces

Convoy II, Super Convoy and Super “X” Convoy will adhere to other paints which are well bonded to the substrate. When the old paint is peeling or scaling then all loose or poorly bonded paint must be removed. Remove old loose paint (slightly peeling) with an electric buffer equipped with a coarse sanding disc. Where widespread peeling exists, a complete paint removal job is recommended. Where paint remover or a caustic solution is used, the surface must be scrubbed with #910 Washing Compound (or trisodium phosphate), as described earlier, to remove cleaning contaminants. Any bare surfaces should be appropriately primed. Any gloss surface should be sanded.